Hair Removal Brisbane

Hair removal treatments – are you getting what you paid for?

The hair removal industry has been swamped by cheap deals, coupon specials and cut price packages. This seems to be a good thing until you look closely at exactly what is being offered – are you comparing apples with apples?
The main factors for difference in laser hair removal prices:

• The technology being used – a treatment done by a proper laser that costs in excess of $80,000 will be more expensive than a treatment done by an IPL machine bought by the local beauty salon from China for $2000. The cost per treatment is cheaper but with low powered technology you will have to keep returning for more treatments and will probably end up paying more in the long run.

• The treatment – licensed staff will give you a better result as they know the optimum settings on the laser to suit YOU. Marking up the area in a grid and shaving all hair off the skin takes time but it affects how thorough the treatment is and ensures the full area is cleared.

• The clinic – a reputable clinic will have the necessary licensing and insurance so you are covered and have a safe treatment. Is the clinic properly sterilising the equipment and changing the bedding after each client or are they skipping this step as a cost cutting measure?

Of all the hair removal lasers in operation today, Alexandrite lasers have shown to be most effective for hair removal or permanent hair reduction. The wavelength used (755nm) is well suited to targeting the melanin or brown pigment in the hair follicle which is what we are looking for with laser hair removal.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is also commonly used for hair removal treatments but clients are often unhappy with the results and often the hair is only stunted and will grow back over time. IPL is not a single wavelength like laser but is broad spectrum light filtered through a glass crystal. Intense Pulsed Light is currently unregulated so just about anyone can do the treatments, whether they have the experience or not. IPL is ideally suited to reduce or remove skin imperfections such as pigmentation, sun damage, freckles, facial veins and red acne scarring.

Before having any laser hair removal treatments, take the time to choose the best clinic to suit your needs and you will be thrilled with the end result.